Electronic Skin Care Collagen Mask Machine

Item name : Fruit vegetable face mask maker machine

Color: same as picture

Size: 285*280*200mm

Max power:


Working voltage: AC 220V

SNB: <90dB

Power consumption: 0.01KHW

Feature: 100% natural, free of chemicals

Natural film formation:
The main raw material Watchers muscle beauty mask mask making machine used is a pure natural fruit and high purity collagen fibrinogen body
Do not add any chemical composition, the film is mainly through the physical process of synthesis. So to come out of the mask,
Entirely natural mask, with crystal clear, soft, moist and smooth characteristics.
Fruit mask Features:
The main raw material is natural fruits and vegetables mask fruits and vegetables, milk, etc. and in the production process does not destroy its molecular structure,
Therefore, the film still made out of fruit still retain natural flavor.
Fruit mask does not add any additives, preservatives and the like chemicals. There are useful mainly composed of fruits and vegetables
In a variety of nutrients and collagen components of the skin.
Fruit and vegetable mask the active ingredients are active molecules, in addition to not bring harm to the skin at the same time, you can replenish
Skin with essential nutrients.
Because of its molecular structure are active molecule, so the permeability is 10 times the conventional mask permeability.